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『to continue to be connected 』

re fuse magazine

online editorial

co-project with kazuya sase

we started the process from discussing to acknowledge what our common ideas were about sustainability. At first, we picked up some keywords about the subject, then questioned those words to see if there were any strong visual elements to say what we see and that we believe in . that we could use in our photos. Our title “to connect to be continued” is literally the manifestation of what we think sustainability is, and that is “to connect.” To achieve sustainability in the relationships with others, in our families, in our cultures and our planet, we must connect one another.

1-Meeting with and accepting someone who has different qualities and backgrounds lets you create space where differences co-exist.

2-We believe a new paradigm is generated by combining either two similar or different pre-existing cultures, fashions, and ages into one like a chemical reaction. Then it’s continued.

3-The concept of recycling - reproducing something by reconstructing its forms - is a good model for sustainability; it is to be flexible.

4-For us it’s about finding a way to celebrate the shape itself without restricting the idea of beauty.
it’s ok that we avoid to wear clothes being seen as an emphasis or an extension of the body. Wearing body-conscious apparel puts the emphasis more on the person wearing it and the body of that person.

Instead, we’d like people to simply sometimes appreciate the clothing as an object on it’s own as an shape on you .
And we believe that who you are won’t change if you have a sustainable core and a core within us.

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